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Doorways to Hope
Preparing At-Risk Children for Success

The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters, recognizing the great need for initiatives that provide educational support for our children in the Reading School District, developed the Doorways to Hope project in the city to prepare at-risk children for success. 

Program Provides School Readiness
The Doorways to Hope program prepares 3-5 year old children for entrance into Kindergarten by teaching English language, basic math, and socialization skills. These children will have a solid foundation when they enter the area’s schools next fall.

Tutoring Promotes Success
The School Aged Tutoring program addresses the specific needs of K-12 students enrolled in the Reading School District.  Not only does this after school program provide educational support, it also helps to provide a safe and caring environment for the children while most parents are still working.

Committed Volunteers Give Time
The one-on-one assistance from retired teachers, Alvernia University students, and other dedicated volunteers, helps the children in both programs to complete assignments, build self-esteem, and increase their opportunities for success. These volunteers work with some of the most underserved children in our community to prepare them for success in school and in life. 

Mission Advances Education
The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters have been teaching children of poverty-stricken immigrants since 1894.  The Sisters have a proven track record of responding to the ever-changing needs of our world by providing education and other programs and services that benefit the most economically disadvantaged. The poor and those most in need form the heart of our mission.

The Bernardine Franciscan Sisters would like to thank you in advance for helping at-risk children prepare for success.   

Please Help to Offer Hope for a Brighter Future to Our Children



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