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Healthcare Reform

“We commit ourselves to radical conversion as we embrace Global Fraternity”
BFS General Chapter 2006

Healthcare Reform

The Interfaith Week of Prayer for Healthcare, the largest ever faith-inspired mobilization for healthcare reform, is underway! Here's how you can participate:

Please, join people of faith across the nation calling their members of Congress in support of healthcare reform that serves the common good, addresses the needs of people who are poor and vulnerable and promotes faithful stewardship of our abundant healthcare resources.

Call the capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 from June 22-30 . Call three times to speak to someone in the offices of your Representative and both of your Senators. You can also phone the White House and leave a message for President Obama at 202-456-1414.

Let's raise our voices of faith for a healthcare system that includes everyone and works well for all us.

We need healthcare reform this year. Whether it reflects our priorities or not depends upon how often and how forcefully we communicate our values and vision to our representatives in Congress. Please call today--and keep calling, writing and visiting your representatives until we achieve healthcare reform!

See Network's
statement on
healthcare reform at
if you need some ideas
about what to say to
your members of

Information taken from Network’s Legislative Update of June 22, 2009

Honor the historical contributions of Catholic sisters in the United States

On May 14, Representative Marcy Kaptur introduced a resolution "Honoring the historical contributions of Catholic sisters in the United States" H. Res. 441. You can find more about this bill, and take action to send an e-mail message about the bill to your Representative, at http://capwiz.com/networklobby/issues/bills/?bill=13602506&size=full

"Catholic sisters have not only nurtured countless hearts, minds, and souls throughout our nation's history, but they have played a vital role in shaping American life."

-- Rep. Marcy Kaptur, May 14, 2009, on the contribution of Catholic Sisters (Congressional Record page E1175)

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