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Bread for the World

“BREAD FOR THE WORLD” COMMUNITY DAYS …is an opportunity for congregations and individuals to renew their commitment to ending hunger in God’s world. Let us, Sisters, join thousands of others in communities across the country as we REMEMBER and SUPPORT those who live in hunger and poverty.

Suggested Actions:

Eat one meatless meal each
week for a month

Collect change in a jar for one month & donate it to a local food
bank or a needy family

As a group, choose to eat a
poverty meal (soup and bread only) & donate the cost of your usual
supper to a local food cupboard

Invite a poor immigrant family to your communal Thanksgiving meal

Join Bread for the World & donate financially at www.bread.org

The following is intercessory prayer we invite you to use during morning or evening prayer in remembrance of families and individuals who struggle to put food on the family table.

When God brought the Israelites out from Egypt into the wilderness, they complained that they had nothing to eat. But God gave them manna. Let us bring our prayers together before God, knowing that they will be heard by the One who provides.

Response: Help us trust in you, Lord

We pray for the leaders of all nations, especially for our president and congress, as they make decisions that affect many lives. Guide them and help them remember hungry and poor people as they consider the path ahead. We pray…

We thank you, gracious God, for all that you provide. In this time of economic uncertainty, give us gratitude for all that we have and freedom from worry about the things we lack. We pray ….

We pray for all people who have lost jobs and for those whose livelihoods are threatened, especially those supporting families through their labor. We pray…

We pray for all people now facing futures dramatically different from the ones they planned. Help us meet what is yet to come with flexibility, grace and a certainty that our future is in your hands. We pray…

We pray for all people who hunger and especially for those around the world whose lives are at risk this day because of insufficient food. We pray…

We pray for all people struggling to stay in their homes and for those who have been uprooted. Help us to remember that we are at home in you. We pray…


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